COVID – Holy Paper!

The absurdities of reality overwhelmed me, or maybe I did not see genius in this action.
It turned out that for coronovirus COVID-19, toilet paper is the best! Everyone went for his supplies …

Game COVID – Holy Paper!

The first part where our hero has to go on a search for the remaining toilet paper. It is not easy, because the deadly COVID-19 coronovirus flies in the air, while some other damn thing is crawling on the ground!

Play here!

covid - holy paper! game

COVID2 game – Holy Paper Jump!

Continuation of the great hit COVID – Holy Paper! 😉
This time, our hero resigned by the total madness of people on Earth, he has no choice but to go to the supply of paper high above the heads of people. Incredibly dynamic action, randomly generated board, nothing will ever be the same!

You can do it?! Can you stand the pressure and … jump for paper!?!

Play here!

Covid - holy paper jump! game